Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 2017; The beginning of a new life.

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The last time I checked, I updated this blog about a year ago. Yes, a year ago. 

That doesn't sounds like me no? I was a very keen blogger back then haha. TBH, so many things happened & changed in just a year. I am so left behind to update everything here but s'okay it's not a big issue though. Just so you know, RIGHT NOW I am still in my pajamas, still not shower and should start at least checking on my works (tomorrow is Mondayyy and I've got meeting on Tuesday) but .... ahh, it just feels so good, to write again, to share.

So, long story short, I am not going to update my entire life in this post (I'll do it later) I just wanna get back my writing vibe as a start LOL ! But as a sneak-peek; I've presented my research paper at two international conferences, published my work in five different international & local journals, finally graduated Master's Degree with distinction (made my parents proud of me on my graduation day last April, yes I made it. A dream came true then)!

I am now a career young lady *i miss life as a student though*, I work with one of the best CEO, great collegues (I'm the youngest so far haha work with super seniors) and eager to learn more ! Tips on how I motivate myself to office everyday? I watched 'The Intern' every Sunday and often imagining myself as 'future' Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), love her focus & a very skillful lady in the movie ! Actually, can't believe this; I changed job in less than a year such a crazy me. I secured a job before graduation and I received another job offer right after convocation. Years and years of hard work in university paid off that's all I can say a good start then, thank you Allah for all the hurdles and blessings, they make me stronger :') Okay enough. I'll update in details about that later. 

One thing I noticed about being a grown up is I must be good in doing everything all by myself. Alone. Not having someone else; parents or friends 24/7 around me. Independent. Yes, I am learning this skill right now; how to make my ownself happy, how to motivate my ownself whenever I'm down, every single darn thangg by my ownself and I am pretty sure I am doing well despite the ups and downs, hey it's a life phase and it's normal ;) I watched this movie yesterday called 'How to be Single' and I loveee it ! I mean forget about the lovey-dovey-confussion part. I like the part when actually, everyone in this world has life struggle and need to solve and figure it out by our ownself. Even if someone is a senior doctor and living a super stable life, that someone then still have other life struggles. Life can never be perfect and we need to adjust with it but first, make peace with ownself :) 

Life update: It has been about 2 weeks working in Damansara and staying in KL. I went out every weekends just to balance work and my social life and I'm learning on how to eat healthy; I'm happy, Alhamdulilah ;D Yesterday, Amani came for a sleep over at my house I was so excited OMG haha seriously felt so good like high school again ! 

I'll be going back home for raya this Friday morning train at 7 am can't wait for it and ...... I should be going now. I need to take my shower and in the evening I need to grab some food for berbuka and just get ready to work for tomorrow don't want any Monday Blues ! 

Gotta go, Bubye ! Happy Ramadhan people ;) 


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